Desert Sky Horse Training
Welcome to Desert Sky Horse Training, where dreams of being a partner with your horse can come true.

If you are having any trouble with your horse like being pushy, kicking, basically anything that is disrespectful or even jogging to fast, not picking up the correct leads, etc., you have come to the right website.  Here you will gain the knowledge and tools to have your horse see you as he has always wanted to . . . a leader.  I have taught many horses and owners how to understand each other better thru good communication skills from consistently following a well-known Australian/Texan trainer's techniques.   I offer training at your ranch or home, or boarding stable and train by the hour or by the month.  To new clients, I offer a half hour "Get to know you" session for no charge.  This gives us a chance to chat about what you and your horses' needs are and make a plan to see a great future for the both of you.  Give me a call or email me and I'd love to share some thoughts with you on how to make you and your horse more willing partners with my resistance free training and learning thru lightness, asking instead of telling.  You can contact me at 480-516-9893 or email me at
~  Until we meet, have a great day and be safe always   ~  
Darlene Barry
Common Sense Horse Training with Natural Horsemanship Techniques ~ Over 30 years of experience of helping horses and humans be better partners ~
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