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I've been training horses, showing in Open and Breed shows in Western and Trail, for over 35 years.  I started out going to Pat Parelli's place all the time in CA when he was offering pot luck lunches at his seminars, knowing that the Natural Horsemanship Training was going to be the right direction for me to go in my horse training career.  I went to tons of clinics offered by lots of Natural Horsemanship trainers and I read all the books and got all the tapes I could on Natural Horsemanship.  I went to a Clinton Anderson seminar and went to every seminar he had in CA  and watched his tapes, as well as watching all the Natural Horsemanship programs on RFDTV, taping them and watching them again and again.  I still watch all the programs I can on RFDTV and always get something out of each program, and attend every clinic I can.  I read Equus and Horse and Rider every month.  I even have some Ray Hunt techniques in my pocket as well.  I keep up on most of the breeds and their happenings, have trained lots of different breeds, as well as keeping up on the who's doing what in Reining, Pleasure, Trail and some Rodeo.  During all of this time, I had been training and had owned a boarding/breeding/training and sales ranch in CA.  I have shown in Open shows, Breed shows, and I have also competed in Gymkhanas and have lots of awards to show for all that hard work.  We moved to MT, hoping to introduce a better way of training and also to introduce the Peruvian breed.  I was working out of a barn in Huntley, MT and for the most part, kept pretty busy.   However, we decided to move here to Arizona, where their is more variety in training, breeds, and lots more days in the year to ride.  

I have been naturally successful on my own with what I have learned over the years, thanking the Lord for this gift every day.  I have trained lots of babies, started lots of 2-3 year old, even some older horses that had never been trained at all.  I train all breeds, mares, geldings, and some stallions.  Halter (basic), showmanship, trail, basics (manners, respect, feet, tying, lunging, trailering, etc.)   Training practices that  I use . . . as I said above, Natural Horsemanship methods from various mentors, but the techniques of a world renowned Austrailian seems to be the one that has worked well for me.  When these exercises are applied with patience, understanding and a soft feel for timing, you and your horse will get the understanding and respectfulness that you have been trying to achieve.   I like Clinton's way of explaining what he does.  He breaks it down so it's easy for me to understand, which in turn makes it easy for my clients and their horses to understand.  If you aren't getting the desired response you want, you have either not worked on it enough or you have missed a step in your training.  You have to make it black and white to your horse and always reward the slightest try.  Horses of all ages and breeds are taught respect and confidence without fear, intimidation, or resistance.  The end result is a happier, more willing and responsive horse that has a foundation to go into any area of equine specialty you choose.  If your horse has a bad habit (biting, rearing, pushy, disrespectful, etc.), I can make that go away as well.  Horses have a tendency to slip back into their old habits if you don't keep them in check, so showing you how to keep that bad habit away is a very valuable tool for you. 

I can come to your boarding facility, ranch or home for your convenience.  I offer hourly sessions for even the smallest of lessons ( like picking up feet, trailering, tying, lead changes, etc ) or I offer training by the month.  I also show you how to do the exercises so you can learn what your horse has learned to better understand each other.  The first half hour is free to find out what you and your horse's needs are

Give me a call at 480-516-9893 or email me at and I'll be more than happy to work something out to fit your needs.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon  ~ 

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